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Kibera in Nairobi

 Peer Reviewed Publications  (Select)
Professional Reports (Recent)

Fatmah Behbehani, Ellen M. Bassett, and Hassan Radoine. 2020. “The Role of the Informal Sector in New Town Development: The Case of Morocco.” Trialog: A Journal for Planning and Building in the Global Context, 4: 57-65.

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Claire Simoneau and Ellen M. Bassett with Emmanuel Midheme. 2020. “Seeding the CLT in Africa:  Lessons from the Early Efforts to Establish Community Land Trusts in Kenya.” The Land is Ours:  International Perspectives on the Community Land Trust.  Edited by John Emmeus Davis, Line Algoed, and Maria E. Hernandez-Torrales.  The Center for CLT Innovation, pp. 245-262.

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World Bank (corporate author).  2016. “Public Land Management, Compulsory Acquisition and Resettlement in Kenya.  Draft Report for Kenya Non-Lending Technical Assistance (NTLA) on Public Land Management, Involuntary Resettlement and Metropolitan Governance.  (Bassett lead author for public land institutional analysis.)


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Ellen M. Bassett. 2013. “Designing the Healthy Neighborhood: Deriving Principles from the Evidence Base.”  Literature review prepared for Hart Howerton, Inc.  (Used as basis for Hart Howerton Fellowship Designing for Healthy Living; see: )

Andree Tremoulet, Ellen M. Bassett, and Allison Moe. 2012. “Homeless Encampments on Public Right of Way: A Planning and Best Practices Guide.” Center for Urban Studies, Portland State University. Access:


Andree Tremoulet and Ellen M. Bassett. 2012. “A Case Study of the Baldock Restoration Project.” Study undertaken for the Oregon Department of Transportation. Portland, Oregon: The Center for Urban Studies Portland State University. Access:


Ellen M. Bassett. 2010. “The Governance of Portland’s EcoDistricts: Central Considerations for PoSI” in Making EcoDistricts: Concepts and Methods for Advancing Sustainability in Neighborhoods. Prepared for the Portland Sustainability Institute with funding from the Bullitt Foundation.

Harvey M. Jacobs and Ellen M. Bassett. 2010. “All Sound, No Fury? Assessing the Impacts of State-based Kelo Laws on Planning Practice.” Working paper for Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge, MA.

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