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2021 BUEP Virtual Graduation (partial attendance)

Practicum projects (MUEP @ UVA)

Example Final Report from 2020

Falls Church Public Art Policy, May 2020 (Bev Wilson and Alissa Diamond, Instructors.)


Example Final Report from 2018

Your Sweet Spot in the Mountains:  A Feasibility Study for a Virginia State Park in Highland County, May 2018

Example Final Report from 2017

Charlottesville to Monticello and Beyond (Trail Study), May 2017

Example Final Report from 2016

Hunting for Water:  Community Water Trust Feasibility in the Llano River Basin.  

          **Won the 2017 AICP National Award for Applied Research

Young African Leaders Initiative (Mandela-Washington Fellowship Program)

Workshop Projects (MURP @ PSU)

Final Report from 2011 

Portland Mercado.  Adelante Planning Group

          **Won the 2012 AICP National Award for Best Application of the

             Planning Process

          **Actually built!

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